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What to Do If Your Water is Brown

reverse osmosis drinking water systems long grove ilDiscolored water is something everyone has likely had to deal with at some point in their lives – but what do you do in that situation? For most of us, buying some bottled water from the store to drink until it clears up again is the go-to solution. Usually this issue is temporary, but it can last for longer periods of time depending on the situation. Some caused of brown or discolored water are:

  • Rusty pipes
  • Water main break
  • Sediment in your hot water heater
  • Abnormal levels of iron or manganese in your water
  • Ongoing water main repairs

How do I tell where the problem is coming from?

There is an easy way to tell if your discolored water issue is coming from the pipes in your home, or from an issue outside your home like water main break. Simply run cold water from your tap for approximately twenty minutes. If the water begins to run clear, you may have issues with the piping in your home. If it is still discolored or brown after 20 minutes, it may have to do with the water entering your home.

If you suspect that the problem is not contained to just your home, call your water company to report the issue.

Install a reverse osmosis drinking water system

Installing a filtration system, like a reverse osmosis system, can go a long way towards preventing brown or discolored water in your home. The filtration system will ensure that the water in your home is always safe for drinking and bathing.

Call the professionals at Chicagoland Water Conditioning and ask about installing one of our reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Long Grove, IL and the surrounding areas. Reach out at 847.965.1000, today.

How Installing a Water Softener Saves you Money

man holding twenty dollar billsMaking the decision to install a water softener in your home is a great decision for many reasons. You’re probably sick of dealing with dried out hair, stiff laundry, and ugly mineral deposits on your faucets – but did you know that water softeners can save you money as well?

Save on Detergent – Detergents and hard water are not friends. Soap has a hard time lathering with the use of hard water, meaning you use twice as much detergent to get the job done. With soft water, you will save money on detergent and you won’t have to buy nearly as much fabric softener to get clean, soft clothes.

Increase the Value of Your Home – Many homebuyers are looking for water softeners or a reverse osmosis filtration system when looking at home, so having either can increase the value of your home. Even if you are not looking to sell at the moment, you can feel good knowing you will likely get a better offer just by having us install water softening equipment in Barrington, IL.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Appliances – Over time, hard water can cause mineral buildup in your appliances, which can lead to poor water pressure. It can also cause your appliances to work harder, which means you will need to shell out money for repairs more and more often. With a water softener, you won’t have to worry about unsightly scale buildup and stains on your faucets, sinks, and tubs or restricted water flow in your appliances.

Reduce Your Energy Bills – Hard water can restrict water flow in your pipes, making appliances work less efficiently. This can result in higher energy bills. In the long run, you can save a lot of money on your utilities by installing a water softener.

Chicagoland Water Conditioning can help you save money by installing a new water softener in your home. Contact us today to schedule a service call.

What is Hard Water, and Why Should You Be Concerned?

running faucet in kitchen sinkHard water is a big problem for facilities that rely on well water, but it can even affect city water – but what exactly is it? Hard water is naturally formed when magnesium, calcium, and other minerals accumulate during the water cycle. The hardness of the water depends on the quantities of minerals present – more minerals equals harder water.

Why Should I Be Concerned About Hard Water?

First and foremost, you should know that hard water is safe for drinking and washing – so there’s no need to panic. However, hard water is an issue that can become costly over time. Hard water can cause:

  • Stains on sinks and tubs
  • Higher utility bills
  • Ruined clothing and linens

How Do I Know If I Have Hard Water?

Hard water is easily detectable if you know what to look for:

  • Low water pressure
  • Soap does not later or rinse away completely, causing skin to dry out and hair to look flat
  • Stains on your porcelain tub and sinks, scale buildup on faucets
  • Clothes come out of the washer with a rough texture and dulled colors
  • White, chalky residue in your dishwasher/on dishes

What Can I Do About Hard Water?

Call Chicagoland Water Conditioning today at 847.965.1000 for water softener installation in Long Grove, IL, and the surrounding areas. Our water softeners can solve your hard water issues.

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