The Power of the Barrington Twin Tank Alternating Water Softener in Chicago land area

Barrington Twin Tank Alternating SoftenerLooking for one of the best water softeners in the industry today? Chicagoland Water Conditioning & Purification Inc. has exactly what you need with our Barrington Twin Tank Alternating Softener. This high-quality softener offers soft water 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week with no interruptions.

How does that work? The second tank of soft water acts as a backup ready to immediately provide soft water once 100% of the first tank is used. While tank two is in service, tank one is regenerating with soft water. This impressive water softening equipment in Barrington, IL is designed to provide less wear and tear on the valve as well as continuous soft water for you.

Uninterrupted Soft Water

Unlike pre-set systems, the Barrington Twin Tank Alternating Softener regenerates with soft water only when necessary while ensuring that 100% of the water in the tanks that are in service is used. What is the end result? Major savings of up to 30% on both salt and water costs. Other features and benefits of these impressive water softeners in Chicago include:

  • Soft Water Brining & Regeneration with Less Wear & Tear on the Valve
  • 24/7 Alternating, On-Demand Regeneration of Soft Water
  • Available in Electronic or Mechanical Configurations
  • Tested to Withstand the Equivalent of 27 Years of Uninterrupted Daily Use
  • Great on Water with Some Iron in It
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tanks, Six Year Warranty on the Valve, & Three Years of Free Service

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of having a Barrington Twin Tank Alternating Water Softener installed into your property. Our team is proud to provide water softener installation in Long Grove, IL and the surrounding areas.