Impressive Barrington Whole House Refiner – Water Softeners in Chicago

Barrington Whole House Refiner

When you are looking to enjoy soft, conditioned water throughout your home that is free of chlorine and other chemicals, then you want to pick up a Barrington Whole House Refiner from Chicagoland Water Conditioning & Purification Inc. These impressive water softeners in Chicago are designed with the happiness of you and your family in mind and will ensure that the water you use is clean and safe.

Upgrading to a Barrington Whole House Refiner
As a twin tank refiner, this state-of-the-art water softener is capable of eliminating scale buildup, mineral deposits, and other problems caused by hard water with ease. You can enjoy peace of mind in knowing your family is safe from potential hazards associated with chlorine and chemicals in your water when you use our water softening equipment in Barrington, IL.

The benefits and features make this equipment an obvious choice for upgrading your home. Just look at what a Barrington Whole House Refiner can bring to your home:

  • Uses High-Grade Resin & High-Activity Coconut Shell Carbon Media
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Display
  • Effectively Reduces or Removes Water Hardness, Iron, Chlorine, Herbicides, Pesticides, Unpleasant Taste, Odor, & VOCs
  • Features Two Separate Cycles
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tanks, Six Year Warranty on the Valve, & Three Years of Free Service

Contact us to learn more information about how our Barrington Whole House Refiner can help you enjoy cleaner water throughout your entire home when you rely on our team for water softener installation in Long Grove, IL. Our team is ready to install this great equipment into the homes of customers located throughout the communities of Cook, Lane, and DuPage County, as well as the surrounding areas.