Care for the Health of Your Employees by Installing Water Coolers

water coolers chicagoThe water cooler is a staple of the office – so much so that “water cooler gossip” has become a trope for movies and TV shows that take place in an office. However, water coolers are so much more than just a place for employees to stand around and talk on their breaks. Installing a water cooler for your employees has amazing benefits:

A Healthy Staff is a Happy Staff

Many businesses today are starting health initiatives in their offices because they realize that a healthier staff means a more productive staff and lower insurance premiums. Installing a water cooler from Chicagoland Water Conditioning can help you and your team work towards better health, because:

  • With free, purified water available, employees will skip the sugary soda from the vending machine.
  • For employees who need to be on the phone for most of their day, water will help them avoid dry mouth.
  • Regular water intake improves cognitive functions, increases metabolism, and prevents hunger – which can lead to better performance and weight loss.

Easy to Maintain

Water coolers also make your life much easier by cutting cost and maintenance time:

  • With a water cooler, there is no need for an employee kitchen because staff can prepare hot and cold beverages and snacks like instant noodles.
  • Water coolers are less prone to bacteria build-up and are easy to clean.
  • Water coolers are an affordable option, with renting and purchasing options available. With our filtered water coolers, you also eliminate the cost of having plastic jugs delivered, and the time needed to change the jug when empty.

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