Dealing with Cloudy Glassware – Could it be Hard Water?

water softeners chicagoHaving a dishwasher makes life so much easier, but what do you do when your glassware keeps coming out of the wash cloudy? While cloudy glasses can be caused by several issues, it is most likely caused by hard water.

How Hard Water Ruins Your Dishes

Hard water contains an unusually high mineral content. This not only reduces the effectiveness of your dish detergent but it also doesn’t rinse as well, leaving soap and dirty water all over your “clean” dishes. It also leads to a build-up of minerals on your glassware, leading to more spots. In this way, hard water soils your dishes and forces you to waste money on detergent and water. So what can you do about it?

A Temporary Solution

If you are dealing with hard water, your dishes are not completely ruined. There is a way to save them while you await a more permanent solution. Soaking your glasses in vinegar for approximately five minutes should clear the glass.

  • Tip: If the glass does not clear, you may be dealing with etching. Wash your dishes more gently, use less detergent, or even swap your current detergent out to mitigate this problem.

A Permanent Solution

The permanent solution to hard water is water softener installation. A water softener supplies purified soft water to your home, which leads to cleaner dishes – and no more cloudy glassware! Contact Chicagoland Water Conditioning today – we install water softeners in Chicago and the surrounding areas.