Effects of Hard Water on Your Skin

water softening equipment barrington ilIn a previous blog post, we discussed the harmful effects of hard water on your hair. Similar to having bad hair days due to excessive mineral buildup, your skin can also take a toll when it is lathered in water containing calcium and magnesium carbonates. Below we discuss the effects of hard water on your skin.

  • Calcium buildup in hard water can create a drying effect on your scalp, leaving it dehydrated and flaky. This condition is often referred to as dandruff and can be painful and itchy.
  • The minerals found in hard water can deplete your moisture levels in your skin, causing your skin to be dry and uncomfortable all over. Although hard water does not cause eczema and dermatitis, it has been known to irritate such conditions and can make them last longer and become more painful.
  • Soaps and cleaning products are less effective when used in hard water. This means that showering in hard water will take more soap in order to get thoroughly

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