Improve Your Office with Vertex Coolers

vertex water coolerLet’s Talk about Your Water Cooler

Everyone needs water for life. Improve the quality of life for your colleagues and coworkers with crisp, clear, and delicious water. Water conditioning companies are proud to offer the Vertex water cooler. In Long Grove, IL, offices are making the switch to bottle-less water dispenser systems. See how these Vertex coolers are improving the office environment below.

Drinking Water Made Simpler–and Tastier

Vertex has earned a name for their quality water cooler systems, and they are taking their product line further with bottle-less dispensers. These units are integrated into your building’s existing plumbing while containing sophisticated purification and conditioning systems to deliver clear, clean, and delicious water. These bottle-less coolers have distinct advantages that are discussed below.

Cost Effectiveness: Filtered water coolers are cheaper to operate and maintain than bottle coolers. There’s no need to pay for plastic bottle refills, which also means you don’t have to deal with delivery costs or storage concerns.

Improved Water Quality: Bottleless coolers incorporate UV and reverse osmosis technology in the filtration systems. As a result, users can enjoy better water on-demand, all without worrying about bottles going empty.

Sustainability: No bottles mean less plastic, which means better for the environment. When you eliminate delivery trucks, you also eliminate the need for burning gas. Opting for a bottle-less cooler means you are doing your part in reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

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