Key Differences Between Filtered and Bottled Water Coolers

water coolers chicagoWhen deciding to install water coolers in your facility, you have a few different options. The first thing you should decide is whether you want a filtered or bottled water cooler. There are a few key differences between each that can help you make your decision:

Water Source

The most obvious difference between filtered and bottled water coolers is the water source. With bottled water coolers, you place a water jug on the top and replace the jug when it empties. Filtered water coolers are attached directly to the water source at your facility. This saves a lot of time because the water flows continuously without running out.


Over time, filtered water coolers cost less. Rather than paying to ship gallons and gallons of bottled water to your facility, you can just hook it up to your water supply and let it go.

Going Green

If you are an environmentally conscious company, you may shy away from bottled water coolers. After all, buying jug after jug of bottled water is a waste of plastic. Filtered water coolers are a much more environmentally friendly way to provide free-flowing hot and cold water for your employees.

Chicagoland Water Conditioning has a selection of filtered water coolers in Chicago to choose from. We also offer renting options, so you can get a cooler that fits your budget. Contact us today to learn more about each option.