Signs That You Have Hard Water in Your Home

At Chicagoland Water Conditioning, we strive to offer superior water purification services because we think everyone deserves clean and sanitary drinking water. For many homeowners, hard water is a common issue that affects your everyday life. Water is considered hard when it contains high levels of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Although hard water is not harmful to consume, it can cause spikes in your utility bills and issues that affect your everyday life. Below we showcase common signs and problems associated with hard water.

  • A standard water conditioning problem is often connected to odd tasting water. When your drinking water has a weird smell or strange taste, it is usually a sign of having high levels of minerals in your water. For instance, when people complain about their water smelling of rotten eggs, this usually indicates high levels of sulfur found in your tap water. If your water has a metallic taste to it, that could mean high levels of iron.
  • When property owners begin seeing reddish or brown stains on the inside of their toilet bowls, this is usually associated with having too much iron in your hard water. These stains can be removed temporarily, but they will keep reappearing until you fix your hard water issue. Our water softening equipment in Barrington, IL can help resolve this frustrating problem.
  • Hard water can negatively impact your shower experience due to the adverse reaction to soap and hard water. The minerals found in your water can make it harder to create a soothing lather with your soap. Also, hard water does not rinse the soap off effectively, leaving your skin feeling slimy and soapy. Since hard water contains high levels of minerals, these elements can cause a build-up on your shower head, weakening water pressure.
  • Hard water can create a build-up in your pipes, causing costly plumbing issues. The minerals found in your water can generate scale deposits that limit the flow of water. Our water softening equipment in Barrington, IL is an excellent investment to help avoid future expensive plumbing issues.

There are many more difficulties that are connected to having hard water in your home. We offer many different water softener systems that will work with your budget and needs. Our water softening equipment in Barrington, IL works quickly and efficiently. Contact our team today at (847) 965-1000 to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our other services.