Water Coolers in Chicago: Low Cost, Great-Tasting Water

Providing hot and cold drinking water to your employees with water coolers has many benefits for both the employees and the company. When you hire our team to install water coolers in Chicago, you are getting high-quality, great-tasting water at a low cost.

Clean, Fresh Water that is Great for the Environment

Filtered water coolers are a much better choice for environmentally conscious companies than the enormous plastic jugs with which we are all familiar. Not only do our filtered water coolers in Chicago reduce waste, but they also eliminate the need to lug those huge 5 gallon jugs day in and day out.  They provide continuous water without the need to refill anything.

The Simplicity of Low-Cost Filtered Water

Filtered water coolers cost less than bottled water coolers – plain and simple. There is no need to pay for delivery trucks when you can connect your water coolers directly to the water source in your building. Moreover, the water is filtered, so you still get the clean, fresh water you desire.

Convenient and Healthy Option for Employees

Many companies are starting health initiatives for employees to reduce insurance costs and create a healthier, happier, more productive workforce. Installing filtered water coolers in Chicago provides them with a free, healthy beverage option. Because it is free and fresh, they may opt for water more often instead of paying for a sugary soda from the vending machine.

Purchasing and Renting Options for Your Convenience

When you work with Chicagoland Water Conditioning to install filtered water coolers in Chicago and the surrounding areas, you have options. You can rent a water cooler with a convenient, open-end, month-to-month agreement, or you can purchase your coolers with a three-year service agreement. Call us today at 847.965.1000 to discuss your options.