Why You Should Choose our Water Coolers in Chicago

At Chicagoland Water Conditioning & Purification, we believe your water source should be pure and refreshing since it is essential to life. Our team of licensed and highly-trained water professionals has been helping companies enjoy delicious hot and cold drinking water for over 49 years. From water coolers, iron and sulfur filters, reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, and more, our company is dedicated to ensuring your water consumption is nothing but superior.  Below we discuss the many benefits as to why your company should choose our water coolers in Chicago.

Convenient Options

Our water purification company provides your business with convenient purchasing options that best fit your needs. We offer our water coolers in Chicago for purchase or for rent, both of which provide 100% satisfaction. If you choose to rent our water coolers for your company, we offer open-end, month-to-month agreements that do not require a contract. Our renting options also provide peace of mind with your purchase because they come with all service calls and annual filter changes.

Lower Costs

Our filtered water coolers provide companies with a cheaper alternative to bottled water coolers. When you choose to install our water coolers in Chicago into your company plan, you will eliminate the need for delivery trucks bringing your water every day, which would ultimately lower your overall costs. With water coolers, your employees will enjoy water every day without the fear of running out.

Quality You Can Taste

The combination of our revolutionary filtration systems, reverse osmosis equipment, and UV systems provide our customers superior drinking water that tastes delicious and is healthy for you.

Environmentally Friendly

Our water coolers in Chicago provide an environmentally friendly water solution for your company. Our coolers eliminate the need for five-gallon plastics jugs and plastic bottles. Additionally, our water coolers do not require gas burning delivery trucks that pollute our environment. When you choose to install our water coolers into your business model, you are doing your part to enhance your corporate social responsibility to decrease your carbon footprint.

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